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Retune is a Berlin-based community platform at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology. We organize the biennial Retune Festival, Studio Visits and workshops.
Studio Visit #40Refik Anadol + Quadrature11.06.2020
Studio Visit #39Mate Steinforth x Studio Above&Below14.05.2020
Studio Visit #38: Let's get virtual!flora&faunavisions x Waltz Binaire15.04.2020
Studio Visit #37BadaboomBerlin27.02.2020
Studio Visit #36FIELD21.11.2019
Studio Visit #35Studio Boost22.10.2019
Studio Visit #34So Kanno24.09.2019
Studio Visit #33Retune Sommerfest04.07.2019
Studio Visit #32Monomango06.06.2019
Studio Visit #31Selam X14.05.2019
Studio Visit #30Studio HILO23.04.2019
Digital Arts Lab 2019How can art push the boundaries of tech?10 – 11. 04. 2019
Studio Visit #29Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective19.02.2019
Studio Visit #28AURORA School for ARtists24.01.2019
Studio Visit #27RLON20.11.2018
Studio Visit #26omstudios16.10.2018
Festival 2018Festival for Art, Design and Technology27 – 28. 09. 2018
Studio Visit #25Retune Housewarming19.09.2018
Studio Visit #24Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe11.07.2018
Studio Visit #23Konstruktiv05.06.2018
Studio Visit #22undev11.04.2018
Studio Visit #21PCH Innovations14.03.2018
Studio Visit #20Kling Klang Klong14.02.2018
Studio Visit #18Niklas Roy11.12.2017
Digital Arts Lab 2017How can artpush the boundaries of tech? How can we grow digital creativity within our society?28.11.2017
Studio Visit #16NEEEU18.10.2017
Festival 2016A Creative Laboratory in the Heart of Kreuzberg06 – 08. 10. 2016
Festival 2014Inside The Mirror26 – 28. 09. 2014
Festival 2012Retune Conference Brings Together Artists, Hackers, Designers, Architects and Engineers.26 – 28. 10. 2012