Retune Festival 16

The Retune Festival is
an experimental laboratory
at the intersection
of Art, Design and Technology.

In its 4th edition, the Retune Festival transforms a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. The space will be turned into experimental design studios, workshops, lecture halls, and offline chatrooms.

It’s all about inspiration, experience, and exchange.
A space for dialogues around the aesthetic-technological practices that are changing today’s society.

Exhibitions, talks, and workshops are clustered around four main themes:

# Immersed Narratives

With the advent of affordable high end virtual reality headsets, content creators can immerse their audience in a way like never before. This opens up possibilities for new kinds of experiences, interactions and narration methods. The language of the medium has not yet been set and makes it an ideal playground for artists and explorers.

Within this track, the Retune Festival will explore the opportunities and pitfalls of narration in virtual and augmented reality.

# Neuronal Creation

Artificial Intelligence is invisibly changing our everyday interactions with computers. Artistic practice drags these technologies into the open. Working experimentally with these algorithms makes them a powerful tool to expand creative expression.

A worldwide community of coding artists mediates between research, industry practice and the wider public. The Retune Festival triggers a debate about these technologies’ implications on culture and society.

# Networked Transplantations

Smart prosthesis seamlessly replace limbs and implantable RFID chips are widely sold in online shops. New senses extend our perception of the world, networked subcutaneous computers with subconscious interfaces will become part of our bodies.
Artists and pioneers are starting to explore those new ways of living with technology and open our eyes to new perspectives.

The Retune Festival gives stage to actors in this new field of body extensions, transhumanist practice and networked senses. Together we explore implications to ourselves and to society.

# Creative Production

Times for creative minds to become creative producers have never been better. Artists and designers have been incorporating networked, interactive and sensor based technology in their works for decades. Now their experimental products create new impulses and resonate perfectly with a market that puts high value on the creatives’ core competences: individuality, design and experience.

The Retune Festival explores the way creative entrepreneurs get from prototype to serial production. What is needed to bring ideas not just on the streets, but on all the streets in every city?

Retune Main Venue: Glogauer Str. 16, 10999 Berlin, Germany

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