retune studio visits – #01

Applied Future Studio

March, 4th 2014


retune is a berlin based platform for artists, designers, technologists and researchers who explore and shape new ways of creating and expressing with technology.

the annual retune conference brings these people together for one weekend for talks and workshops, connecting and fun. the 3rd retune conference and will take place from Sep 26th – 28th.

studio visits

The retune studio visits series is a new format that extends retune's activities throughout the year. The studio visits offer the unique opportunity to get a peak into the studios of Berlin based creatives.

As always, this is not a stiff networking event but a good place to meet nice people and get inspired. And yes, there will be beers!

Applied Future Studio

The Applied Future Studio is a small shared studio space in Kreuzberg and home to probably the most exciting creatives in the city.*

*) This is a personal opinion and might be biased.

The Constitute

installations & experiences

Christian Hinz

facade & graphic design

Form + Zweck

design publisher

Anaisa Franco

media artist

Kristina Pinkert

grahic & fashion designer


animated film, installations, facade design

Sonice Development

robotic art, interactive installations

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04.03.2014, 20:00
Glogauer Str. 21, 2nd backyard

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