retune studio visits – #02

Quadrature + Mathilde Domecq

July, 15th 2014 – 8pm
Schmalenbachstraße 13, 12057 Berlin


retune is a berlin based platform for artists, designers, technologists and researchers who explore and shape new ways of creating and expressing with technology.

the annual retune conference brings these people together for one weekend for talks and workshops, connecting and fun. the 3rd retune conference and will take place from Sep 26th – 28th.

studio visits

The retune studio visits series is a new format that extends retune's activities throughout the year. The studio visits offer the unique opportunity to get a peak into the studios of Berlin based creatives.

As always, this is not a stiff networking event but a good place to meet nice people and get inspired. And yes, there will be beers!

About the studio


machines & installations

Jan Bernstein concentrates on the creative implementation of physical and functional aspects into Quadrature’s work. His substantial practical expertise fertilizes his artistic research in materials and fine mechanics. Influenced by his specialty, Jan’s creative approach is concentrated and structured, keeping every detail in mind in order to formulate the ideal aesthetic and conceptional expression.

Sebastian Neitsch rather employs experimental and assiociative methods in order to achieve innovative and intuitiv systems and thoughts for Quadrature’s conceptual and artistic vision.While his focus is on the digital world – including everything concerning code, electronics and new technologies – he considers teamwork and communication as the perfect source to generate creative output and solutions.

Both share a love for machines and outer space.

Mathilde Domecq

comic book author

Writing and Drawing, publishing currently with Glénat, Gallimard, Casterman, Dupuis...

Gratuated in illustration from the Superior School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg. Mathilde Domecq starts to work monthly for the youth press during her studies. She edits her first comic serie in 2008, the same year, she participates to the creation of the Satellite studio with other comic authors in Montpellier, France. She catches any opportunity to work abroad. Hungary, Portugal, Poland, China... Back to her home city, she joins in 2010 the collective Zarmatelier. An independent comics studio. In 2011, with Wojtek Bajda she opens Drabina 13, a cultural space in Wrocław, Poland. Organising concerts, exhibitions, projections and happenings. She now works both on publishing comics and live performances on stage by drawing concerts. She lives in Berlin, and works at Weltall studio.

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15.07.2014, 20:00
Schmalenbachstraße 13
12057 Berlin, map

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